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At Ben Molyneux Presents, we believe that every connection, whether personal or professional, begins with a great introduction. That's why we specialize in creating unforgettable events that bring people together. 

My Story

I began coaching in 2020 after a long career as a professional photographer and afterwards as a community builder. Over a period of 10 years I had hosted over 800 events in business and personal development. I then spent a year of huge spiritual growth living as a nomad whilst traveling the country. It was a journey of self discovery and putting into practice everything I had learnt throughout my life. It was a chance to let go of everything that no longer served me and find balance and harmony in my life. I put into practice everything I would later teach and by doing so, I would transform my life, break free of the rat race and turn to a more simple life, and become my authentic self. It lead to happiness, good health and a new perspective of the world.  Through the process I connected to deep ancient spiritual wisdom through books and shamanic journeys and it is in this deep wisdom that my coaching takes its inspiration.

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The Journey to The Edge of Reality

An Englishman's Shamanic Tale

After losing his health, his businesses and his community, Ben turns to his spiritual path to help him recover from long covid and rebuild his life.

In this truly remarkable story, he embarks on a journey of a lifetime, letting go of everything, including his life partner, and allowing the universe to guide him. In doing so, Ben becomes a nomad and a shaman, travelling Britain whilst learning and integrating ancient spiritual practices, in a search to find wholeness.


In this semi-autobiographical story, Ben is taken to the edge of reality and peers through the veil. There, in a heightened state of awareness, he discovers incredible insights and he experiences extraordinary synchronicities.


This is an uplifting and inspirational spiritual story full of adventure, magic and romance.

If you have read the book and would like to receive the unedited first chapter of the sequel, please contact me via the contact page and I'll be happy to send you a PDF to continue the story.

If you are happy to do so, please also leave a review of the book on Amazon. You can also purchase the book from amazon from the links below:

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