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The Shaman’s Journey 

The Shamans throughout history have played a vital role within their community. The shaman is the translator from the spirit world, they are the healer, community builders, story-tellers, counsellors, teachers, sorcerers and a keeper of powerful ancient wisdom. The journey of the shaman is a deeply challenging and deeply rewarding one. Many people are called on to the path and experience a tough initiation brought about by the spirit world. When we are subjected to this intense and often frightening experience we may have our whole lives turned upside down. Shamans may lose their health, their energy and being taken to the edge of their own sanity as they are shown beyond the veil of perceived reality.


Often the shaman’s journey is a solitary one. They have opened up a connection to their spirit guides who communicate to them through dreams, visions, mediations, shamanic journeys, signs, synchronicities and a deep inner knowing. Many of these messages are pointing the shaman on to their path which can mean letting go of the conventional way of living to follow the path less trodden. Often the apprentice shaman has to battle within as well as those closest to them in order to walk the path being shown to them.


If you are going through a similar awakening and wish to talk with someone who has been through the tough initiation the spirit world can put you through, if you want a sympathetic ear and to gain a clearer understanding of the journey, I can help. I offer one to one sessions for £50 per hour to help you talk through your incredible experiences and help you to integrate those lessons into your life.

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