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Design your life & live it
Working with the law of attraction

This course is designed to help you map out your future life and by using the powerful technique of scripting, you will be able to tap into and harness one of the universal laws: the law of attraction. This technique will dramatically assist you in creating your vision for the future and will bring you opportunities, increase your motivation and help you to maintain your focus.


Whether you have a firm understanding of how the law of attraction works or whether you are a complete beginner, this course will help you gain a firm picture in your mind of a future life that you desire and teach you some powerful ways to help you bring these things into your life.


Would you start building a house without detailed plans? Or go on a long journey without knowing the destination you are travelling to? Many people go through their lives without knowing how they truly want it to look, making each decision as it comes to them. 

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