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Business Conference
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Business Meeting

Upcoming Buiness Events

  • Business Networking Ipswich online
    Business Networking Ipswich online
    Wed, 11 Oct
    Virtual zoom event
    11 Oct, 19:00 – 12 Oct, 20:30
    Virtual zoom event
    11 Oct, 19:00 – 12 Oct, 20:30
    Virtual zoom event
    Join us for a new evening networking event for Ipswich. We're starting online and will soon be running events in the town.

A Bit About Us

There are many different types of business networking events to choose from to suit all of your preferences.

Ben has hosted over 800 business networking events and has identified the key elements that are essential in building relationships.

Firstly, you need to enjoy the event to make you look forward to the next one and encourage you to keep coming back. So I look for great venues with the right atmosphere conducive to having a good time. 

You need the opportunity to feel part of a community, this means that you need time to talk with people, mingle and become friends.

The price needs to be set at a point that people feel comfortable with so I look to keep the price point low enough to make it affordable to any who is serious about their business.

I look for inclusivity and make everyone feel welcome, whether you have had your business running for 30 years or are just starting with an idea and you want to meet with others who are further ahead on their journey.

Being part of a business network is a huge asset for anyone in business. You'll meet people who'll inspire you, teach you, use your services and introduce you to others who'll open new doors for you. I hope you'll come along and help me establish new communities in business to help people achieve all their goals, dreams and ambitions.

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