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Design your life and live it

This course is designed to help you map out your future life and by using the powerful technique of scripting, you will be able to tap into and harness one of the universal laws: the law of attraction. This technique will dramatically assist you in creating your vision for the future and will bring you opportunities, increase your motivation and help you to maintain your focus.


Whether you have a firm understanding of how the law of attraction works or whether you are a complete beginner, this course will help you gain a firm picture in your mind of a future life that you desire and teach you some powerful ways to help you bring these things into your life.



Would you start building a house without detailed plans? Or go on a long journey without knowing the destination you are travelling to? Many people go through their lives without knowing how they truly want it to look, making each decision as it comes to them. 

What people say

  'Working with the Law of Attraction is wonderful material to go through in order to get clear on what you desire in your Life. Each chapter is broken down into a specific topic such as family or career. Ben gives excellent instructions - as well as an example - for each chapter on how to write what you desire to create and experience. His examples were extremely rich and robust and helped me expand my desires and ask for juicier things that I never would have thought of had he not provided an example.'


'The PDF allowed me to sit with my dreams and really fantasize about my Life and how I desire for it to unfold. It was exciting and made me really optimistic about creating a Life that's perfect for me.'


'I enjoyed working with the materials and writing out my desires in this way. I'm excited to see how my Life unfolds and the amazing synchronicities that are going to occur between what I wrote and what comes to fruition.'
Alyssa Johnson


“Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”
― Roald Dahl

The Vision

We are vibrational beings and the higher vibration we operate at, the more likely we are to manifest things and people that are vibrating at that higher frequency. Like attracts like. So if we are dealing with low frequency energy, perhaps you are angry, jealous or greedy then it is harder to manifest those things and people that are at the higher vibrational states of love, joy, gratitude, belief and enlightenment and so on.


Everything in the universe is made from energy and shares the same building blocks, they are just put together in a different structure, including our thoughts and our emotions. As such all of this energy is connected and this is how we are able to draw things into our life using the law of attraction. The universe listens to our thoughts, words and actions. It knows our limiting beliefs our hopes, fears and aspirations. All of this energy operates at different vibrational levels – like attracts like and these vibrations attract that which vibrates at the same rate. Are you following? It’s complicated and takes a leap of faith, but it’s explained here to help you understand as I’ll be talking about vibrational states through-out the course.


Have you ever been experiencing something and a song plays with the lyrics matching your thoughts or you’ve sat down to watch a movie that plays out what you are experiencing or thinking about? This happens to me all of the time. We are manifesting into our lives vibrational matches. The more we believe in this magic the more we are able to harness it. It’s one of the rules of the universe, like gravity, only science hasn’t found a way to measure it.

I have seen many wonderful things in my lifetime that science cannot explain. People may say they are just coincidences and it is my belief that it is this line of thought that has disconnected us from many of the wonderful mysteries of the universe and also disconnected us with nature and our spiritual side.  However more and more people are finding for themselves ancient wisdom that has been brought back into our consciousness at this time thanks in part to the internet and our easy access to great teachers through books, videos and audio recordings. What I am sharing with you in this course is ancient wisdom modernised for the 21st century; for you to be able to use it to create the life of your dreams and also be part of a movement to dream up a better future for humanity.


We will work on 8 aspects of your life as well as the wider world around you. Once complete you will know what you want your life to look like and be able to look for opportunities that the universe presents you with.

Reading a Book in Balcony

“There’s nothing more powerful than a good story. Nothing can stop it. No enemy can defeat it.”
― Tyrion Lannister, Game of Thrones

Traveler in Nature
Reading Glasses on Book

You are about to transform your life

Let’s begin …

To take advantage of this online course, which includes 9 modules and a 30 minute video call with Ben Molyneux, please contact Ben via the email address below. The course costs £169 and you can complete the course at your own pace. To buy the course or for more information please contact or fill out the form below.

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