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Manifest your wishes through your writing

Have you ever been fully in the flow of the universe, allowing yourself to let go and see where the universe wants to take you? It’s an incredible journey if you truly let go. It’s certainly not for the faint hearted as it will take you on a journey to help you grow. As we know, growth can be painful, just think back to our growth spurts when we were children.

The human mind is incredibly powerful, with the ability to manifest our thoughts, dreams and fears. One powerful tool to help you harness this ability is in writing. Ancient shamans of old used to paint the animals they wanted to manifest for the tribe on the cave walls. They would draw a circle in the sand or soil with a stick and inside the circle they would draw all the needs of their community. This is a form of powerful magic that we can utilise today.

Have you ever noticed that when you write your goals down they seem to have more chance in being achieved? By writing your goals you are communicating with the universe and declaring what it is you want. Then the magic can begin, matching you with opportunities, ideas and people that vibrate at the same level as those goals. What works better than writing what you want to achieve is to write it down as if you’ve already achieved it.

The best place to start is by really knowing what you want to bring into your life. Look at all aspects of your life, not just your career or financial goals. Think about your health and fitness, your personal growth, family life, romance, your home and whatever else you can think of. Grab a piece of paper and jot down all the thoughts you have about your ideal life. Then pick one, and turn it into a little diary entry of the future. Think of it like a blank canvass for your life. Then go and paint that picture, are you going to sketch it and let the universe fill in the details or are you going to produce a piece of fine art?

I personally keep a journal of my future life beside my bed and allow it to evolve with my ideas each night. Once you’ve told the universe what you want, then the fun begins. Keep a watch out for the opportunities, the motivation that stirs up inside you. Pay attention to the flood of new ideas on that starts to emerge within you. As you achieve each new milestone, go back and tick it off. This simple act will help motivate you and keep you moving forward. Have faith and be persistent and above all, fill your writing with joy, love and excitement. This will add a powerful element of magic to increase your ability to manifest your desires.

When you’re ready to have a go at designing your ideal life, I can help. I’ve designed an online course to work your way through in your own time. Click here for more information.

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