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The Spirit of the Eagle

Modules 1 to 4

Price £249

Over 4 months

Module 1

Open up your connection to your intuition to allow it to guide you. Hear your inner wisdom which will allow you to find your purpose and live a more rewarding and purposeful life.

Module 2

Review where you are in life – using the wheel of life technique we will explore each area of your life and identify what areas need to most attention and sign post some actions you can take to help you move forwards towards harmony, peace and balance in your life.

Module 3

Goal setting – Set yourself short -term, mid term goals that are both achievable and will stretch you towards growth and reaching your full potential.

Module 4

Addressing your blockages – working out what has stopped you from reaching your goals in the past and looking at techniques to help you overcome such obstacles in the future.


The Spirit of the Bear

Modules 1 to 8

Price £499

Over 6 months

Module 5

Letting go – Now is the time to look at your life and work out what you need to let go of which is holding you back. Whether it is time to declutter your house, change jobs, or move on from a friend or attitude that is negative and having a harmful impact upon you.

Module 6

Rewriting the past – let’s look back at the past and rewrite chapters to allow the energy to shift and allow us to move on from past memories are holding us back.

Module 7

Balance and harmony – We will look at your life and how you spend your time and explore what you can do to help you gain more time in order to bring harmony and balance into your life.

Module 8

Happiness – we will identify what makes you happy and schedule this into your life to help you find my joy and gain a richer experience from life.


The Spirit of the Leopard

Modules 1 to 12

Price £749

Over 12 months

Module 9

Find the flow – allow the universe to flow through you and lead you to your highest potential. We’ll look at how you can create the right environment that allows opportunities to flow easily to you.

Module 10

Identify your values and set yourself a mission statement to live by. By clearly understanding your values you will learn to set your compass through life in a direction that is congruent and aligned to the core of who you are.

Module 11

Change your perspective – learn techniques to help you look at things from a different way and change the way you feel about things, helping you from being triggered, to build better relationships and be at more peace with the world around you.

Module 12

Access to my online course, Design your life and live it.  This course is designed to help you map out your future life by using the powerful technique of scripting, You will be able to tap into and harness one of the universal laws: the law of attraction. This technique will dramatically assist you in creating your vision for the future and will bring you opportunities, increase your motivation and help you to maintain your focus.

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