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Dating Events

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Speed Dating Events

  • The East Anglian Dating Community
    The East Anglian Dating Community
    Mon, 09 Oct
    Virtual Event
    09 Oct, 19:00 – 20:30
    Virtual Event
    09 Oct, 19:00 – 20:30
    Virtual Event
    Something new and exciting for the dating world! Come along to 'The Dating Community' for people based in East Anglia.
  • Speed Dating in Ipswich
    Speed Dating in Ipswich
    Wed, 18 Oct
    18 Oct, 19:00 – 06 Dec, 20:00
    Ipswich, 23 Black Horse Ln, Ipswich IP1 2EF, UK
    18 Oct, 19:00 – 06 Dec, 20:00
    Ipswich, 23 Black Horse Ln, Ipswich IP1 2EF, UK
    Join us for speed dating in Ipswich for the 40's and over

How it

If you are looking to bring someone new into your life, find love and get your heart racing all over again then come along to our fun, informal speed dating events.

Finding that elusive spark

One common factor I’ve experienced time and time again in dating is that people are looking to find a spark in a potential partner. Dating apps are great and dreadful in equal measures! You can spend hours chatting with someone you think has potential only to meet up and realise that the chemistry just isn’t there.

If you are looking for that elusive spark, then speed dating gives you the chance to put it to the test right from the start! You can meet plenty of people who you wouldn’t meet otherwise in short bursts whilst enjoying an exhilarating evening.

I have been on the dating journey myself in recent years and I know how daunting it can be, but I also know that it can be fun, enriching and a way to bring new incredible people into your life. Sometimes you just need to put yourself out there to allow the opportunities to unfold.

At the event you'll be able to meet plenty of new people. The ladies will be given a seat and I’ll be moving the men from table to table after 5 minutes or so depending on numbers. We’ll take a break in the middle for mingling and to grab a drink and continue until you’ve met with every potential match in the room.

You’ll be given a card and you can make notes on your conversations and at the end of the evening you’ll let me know of any people you’d like to meet. The following day you’ll receive an email letting you know if you have any matches and then you’ll be able to take it from there…

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